Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dr Deshmukh MBBS,MD (9923291312) Psychiatrist is well-known leading psychiatrist in Pune. Study conducted by him and his counselor on 63 patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with or without psychotic features at his Shreeyash Hospital ( psychiatric treatment & counseling center), Deccan, Pune revealed that (1) Drug management is very essential part of management of OCD. (2) Cognitive behavior therapy in combination with drug treatment is more effective than treating with medicine alone. (3) Clomipramine in combination with SSRI is more useful in poorly responsive or resistant cases of OCD. (4) Regular long term management is usually required. (5) Add on therapy with drugs like Lithium, low dose antipsychotics, Buspirone, BZDs also helps. (6) Exposure & response prevention is very useful treatment in compulsive symptoms. (7) Thought stopping techniques like wrist band / mind diversion can be easily taught to patient.(8) Activity scheduling, family support, counseling helps.(9) Medicine are essential in management treatment of OCD, patient needs to understand that they may have side effect but considering risk & benefit its always recommended that continuing medications for long time/ may be years together gives more benefits than side effect. Also drugs may take around 3 months to start showing its effects but slow escalation of dose use of minimum dose & medicine in combination with therapies helps patient to great extent. (10) The role of dietary nutrients -Vitamin B-6 improves OCD. (11) Newer studies have shown that N- Acetylcysteine – amino acid ( a protein) can be used in reducing compulsive behavior in OCD ( also in Trichotilomania). It’s a well tolerated drug without any side effect. (12) TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is newer devlopment in treatment of poorly responding OCD, available in USA, but is very expensive, but safest method without side effects / non medicinal method.

CBT in OCD patients :-) there are three irrational beliefs of OCD. 1. One is worth while if he is thoroughly competent, adequate, & achieving in all the aspects of life. 2. Some things may be dangerous or fearsome,& one should be terribly concerned and keep on dwelling on the possibility of their occurrence. 3. There is a right and precise solution to human problemS, it is catastrophic if this perfect solution is not found.

For further details contact - Dr Swapnil S. Deshmukh (9923291312)


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