Saturday, October 1, 2011


No matter how much we try, the word exam always leaves us feeling worried, anxious and at times nervous leading poor performance exam. And when the exams are half a month away, it’s like a hurricane about to hit you. Just remember this it’s your exam and you have to go through it, so might as well do it with full confidence. Here are a few tips we thought could be helpful:

·         What are you thinking

You have studied for half a year or full year and then appearing for this exam. So know that you know the course and just have to perfect it. So, there is no space for bad dreams here.

·         Make a timetable
Yes, we know you have heard it many times, but it’s important. When you are left with just a day or two, don’t just gaze into your books. Make an elaborate timetable and stick it on your cupboard or wall. Keep going back to it and in no time you will be able to cover most of your portion.

·         Be an early bird
While studying late in the night might save you from the day’s noise, early morning is when the brain is at its receptive best. So start off with the tough portions and make the best use of this time.

·         Write key points to remember
Put down all that you have studied in your own words. Make small notes or snippets using this. Important dates, facts or other pointers can be recollected easily from these. This will help you in last minute revisions.

·         Choose the right place to study
Try not to study in your room all the time. Changing the place can add to your enthusiasm and encourage you to study more creatively. We recommend sitting in an airy environment, like terrace or garden and see all your stress go out of the window.

·         Eat well, sleep well
A sound mind and a sound body are most important during exams. Exercise can pump in more oxygen to your brain, improving concentration. Make sure to eat a healthy meal and keep your body hydrated.

·         Don’t leave your study time to the last minute
Last minute tips are great, but plan in advance. We are no robots who can mug up a year’s course in the last 15 days. The best way to score well is to work on a daily basis. This way, there is less to study during exam and more time to revise.

·         Your winning formula
We are sure you have your won winning formula for exams, do share it here for all your friends to know.

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